6 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles You Need To Try 2021

6 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles 2021

The Top 6 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Your Galantine’s or Valentine’s Date.

Headed to your Valentine’s Date? We want to get rid of your quarantine look!

Here are our top 6 ways to dress up your hair

for your Valentine’s day this year.


Need an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy-quarantine bun you’ve been wearing all month and year? Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching—and whether you’re celebrating with your partner or just chilling at home, it’s basically the perfect time to play around with your hair (think: super-sleek ponytails, soft beach waves, chunky braids).
Grab your hairsprayflat iron, or curling wand, and start scrolling to find the Valentine’s Day hairstyle that’s perfect for you and your celebration. Promise these looks are cute enough to even impress your Tinder date over FaceTime.


1. The Topknot Hairstyle for Valentines Day 

Doing this with long or short hair, you can’t go wrong. This Valentine’s Day topknot is all about the sleek, face-framing layers.

2. These Side-Parted Curls for Valentine’s Day

Amanda Seinfred brings us back to the 40’s with this Valentines Day inspired hair. With elegant, bouncy curls, while pinning the left side of her hair, to the side, makes this the perfect Valentines day hairstyle.

3. This Sleek Braid for Valentine’s Day

Sleek Valentines Day Braid

Slick your hair back and go for a long, low braid this Valentine’s Day. It is a great hairstyle to emphasize your makeup!

4. This Claw Clip Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

The easiest way to make this half-up style look intentional AF for Valentine's Day? Choose the right claw clip!
The easiest way to make this half-up style look intentional AF for Valentine’s Day? Choose the right claw clip!

5. The Sleek Lob for Valentines Day

Selena Gomez rocks this Sleek Lob look at the Met Gala 2019. This sleek look is conventional for short, medium and long hair. Part your hair right down the middle, finishing off the look with a hair serum or oil.

6. This Low Bun for Valentine’s Day

This low bun is the perfect “Valentine’s Day hairstyle”? You can get as fancy or low-key as you wish with this one, but I personally love the idea of leaving out a few face-framing pieces and softly curling them for good measure.

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