General Information

Which stylist should I see?
All of the stylists at Salon Envy are experienced, highly educated and extremely talented. Our stylists specialize in specific services, such as Keratin treatments and hair extensions, and vary in prices. We recommend speaking to one of our receptionists who can match you with a stylist that will suit your needs depending on your hair and budget.

If I need more than one service how should I book the appointment?
Our friendly staff will be happy to accommodate all of your needs when you book an appointment at our salon. Just let our receptionist know that you would like multiple services. It is very common for our guests to book their spa and waxing services in coordination with their hair appointment(s).

How do I know what I need for my first appointment?
If you are looking to completely change your look, or you are unsure and want to discuss all of your options, we recommend scheduling a consultation before your first appointment. During your consultation, your stylist will help you determine the best services for your hair type and texture, and you can set up a hair color appointment after the consultation. Our receptionist will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

What should I do if I know I am going to run late?
Please call our salon at 773-880-5033 if you are running late for your appointment. Our receptionist will check with your esthetician or hair stylist to ensure you will still be able to receive your desired services in full.

What is Salon Envy’s cancellation policy, and why do I need to have a credit card on file?
We understand that unexpected circumstances arise, and are happy to accommodate your needs. As a courtesy to our stylists and other guests, please call our salon if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you fail to call and cancel and you do not show up at your appointment time, you could incur a charge of 50% of the service cost to the card on file.

How far in advance should I book my appointment?
To ensure that your get the date and time that you need, we recommend booking your next appointment before you leave our salon. We also offer pre-booking specials for an extra incentive! Schedule your appointment at least a week or two in advance if you are a first time client and have specific days and times that work best for you. For our guests who are more flexible, we may be able to arrange same-day appointments.

What are the differences in levels of Salon Envy stylists?
Our team works on a Level System, which his measured by experience and education. Each stylist’s prices vary accordingly.

How do I book my appointment on-line?
Visit our On-line Booking page and follow the instructions to request your appointment. Our receptionist will ensure that your chosen time slot is available. If that appointment time is unavailable, we will email you with other time options for you to choose from.

Hair Extensions

I am really interested in hair extensions. What is my first step?
If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation. This will give your stylist the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns you may have and determine what will work best. All of our hair extensions are customized for each of our guests, so we cannot quote prices over the phone.

Hair Color

How long will my highlights last?
Even though our highlights are usually done with permanent color, eventually they will grow out within 5-8 weeks.  We recommend having your highlights touched up every 6 weeks.

How can I save money on my color?
Check out our Facebook and Twitter page, or sign up for our email list for money saving offers at Salon Envy! We also offer $5 off each hair service when the appointment is pre-booked. So if you are getting a color, highlight, and cut, we would give you $15 off your service! Be sure to request a menu after your first appointment to receive additional coupons for your next visit.


What if I don’t know what haircut looks best on me?
Our highly educated stylists offer a thorough consultation to help give you the cut and style you are looking for. They will take into consideration your facial features, styling needs and daily routine to give you the best look for your lifestyle. Our stylists will be happy to assist you with choosing a style and offer advice on how to maintain your hair after you leave our salon.

What if I want to donate my hair?
We do this all the time!  If you would like to donate your hair to Locks of Love, make sure it is long enough to cut a 10 inch ponytail off. The ponytail needs to be placed in a Ziploc bag and sent in to Locks of Love. Please note that we do not send the hair in here at the salon. It is up to you to send the hair once it is cut.

How do I know what conditioning treatment I will need?
Our stylists are trained to customize your treatment to target your hairs needs. We offer top of the line salon products and conditioning treatments from Oribe and Kevin Murphy to maintain the health and integrity of your hair. Ask your stylist if they haven’t already suggested getting one. These treatments will leave your hair feeling incredible!

How should I come before an updo/style appointment?
Come to your appointment with clean, blow-dried, straight hair. If you are planning for a big event such as your wedding day, we recommend scheduling a consultation. Our friendly staff will be happy to book you a consultation and assist you with any questions before your appointment.

Spa/Hair Removal

How long should the hair be on my body before a wax?
The ideal length for hair is about 1/4 of an inch (the size of a grain of rice). You want it long enough for the wax to hold on to, but not so long as to make it painful.

How should I prepare for my facial?
When you visit Salon Envy for a facial treatment, you should arrive in your most natural state. This means no make-up or other products. We also recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure and harsh treatments on your face the week prior to your appointment

How often should I get facials?
To maintain optimum nourishment of your skin, we recommend having a facial every 4-6 weeks. If you are looking to correct an issue such as blemishes, your esthetician will be happy to assist you in choosing a regimen that will work best for your specific skin type and issue.