Holiday Hairdo. The Ulimate 2019 Holiday Party Hairstyle Guide.

Holiday Hair Ideas 2019

Top 4 Hair Styles For Your Holiday Party.

Headed to your holiday party? We want to spice up our look, but not over do it.

Here are our top 4 ways to dress up your hair

for your holiday party this year.


1. The Sexy Waves. When styling your hair for the evening with an iron, you need to prep the hair properly. Wash, dry, & add a volumizing mousse for some texture & hold. We love Grandiose by Oribe, it gives the hair tons of hold, while not weighing it down. It is important to have a nice blow dry prep underneath your style. Whether you have limp, fine hair or frizzy, curly hair. We recommend curling your hair in sections- this way the hair stays neat and you don’t miss any pieces. Curl all of the hair off of your face. Once you finish, lightly mist your locks with some hairspray. Let dry. Then take a soft bristle brush and brush it all out! This gives the hair a smoother, softer wave.



2. The Smooth & Polished. You may feel that wearing your hair straight is not enough. Let me assure you- it is. I love a gorgeous dress or outfit coupled with SMOOTH & POLISHED hair. Wash and blow dry your hair straight. You can even run a flat iron for a super straight look. There are two ways we love to style hair straight. Part the hair with a deep side part and add two big decorative hair clips on the side that has less hair. Clips are huge right now and are a simple accessory to dress up your look. You can also part the hair in the center and add a clip on each side. Another way to style hair straight is to



3. The Dressed Up Pony.

The Pony tail can be super classy, if done right. Make sure the hair is smooth before. Use a pomade to smooth down any fly aways. You can wear a straight or curled ponytail, but make sure the hair that is pulled back is smoothed down. Use a cute scrunchie, yes, they’re back in. OR, after you get the hair in a ponytail, take hair from underneath the pony tail and wrap it around the ponytail holder. Secure with a bobby pin and enjoy.



4. The Low-Key Up Do. This is simple and elegant. The first thing you do is put your hair into a pony tail, leaving both FRONT SIDES of your hair out. See example below. Put your ponytail into a bun by pulling the hair through halfway. Then take one side twist away from the face and pin into bun. Repeat on the other side. Viola! A pretty low-key low bun hairstyle.

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