Hair Breakage! How to FIX and PREVENT Hair Breakage.

Hair Breakage! How to FIX and PREVENT Hair Breakage.


Hair Breakage can come from several things… Hot tools, Hair color, Environmental factors, Health & Hormones, and even STRESS!

One of our favorite treatments for hair breakage and how to strengthen hair. Whether it is to help your hair grow long or just to keep it healthy- below are our FAVORITE ways to help prevent and FIX hair breakage!

Bond Strengtheners:

    Olaplex  (mixed into color a stand-alone treatment- A 2 Step Treatment). This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. Our second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

    Brazilian Bond Builder  (mixed into hair color- A 1 Step Treatment). Helps prevent damage during all color services. Protects against loss of cuticle and cortex cells. Dramatically reduces breakage,  Improves hair color retention and helps achieve even better gray coverage.

Conditioning    Treatments:

   Semi Dilino by Alfaparf Milano. Treatment that instantly repairs damage to brittle, fragile hair. From the very first application, the structure appears more resistant and compact. When used daily, the hair regains its natural vigour.

  Moisture by Kevin Murphy. Rice and Soy proteins restore strength, thickness, and elasticity to the hair. In-Salon treatment only.