Amika: Introducing new products to Salon Envy

Amika products are like a good friend – straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with.

We are kind-of obsessed with this “superfruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry, so we include it in every haircare & styling product.

Introducing Amikas TOP 2 BEST SELLING shampoo + conditioners NormCore and VAULT.

Normcore– Find hair’s new normal – hydrated, soft and shiny – with this everyday shampoo,and infused with a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants.

     Coconut Acid – provides excellent lathering and conditioning.
     Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, silicone, oil, mineral oil, petrochemicals and artificial colors.
     Vegetarian-friendly and cruelty-free.
     Safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and keratin-treated hair.

Vault– Give your shade super staying power with this color-preserving shampoo, filled with UV filters and antioxidants.

     Soybean Oil – an antioxidant that protects against color fading and keeps color vibrant for longer.
     Amino Acid Blend – strengthens the hair shaft, smooths the cuticle and boosts hair elasticity and overall health.
     Betaine – rich in humectants, it increases moisture retention and shine.
     Free of sulfates, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, sodium chloride, petrochemicals and artificial colors.
     Safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and keratin-treated hair.


To read more about Amika, check out their website HERE