Why Balayage Highlights Are Taking the Hair Industry By Storm

If you haven’t heard about balayage highlights, then it’s time to pull yourself out from that rock you’ve been living under! Balayage is the technique used to create highlights by painting them directly onto the hair; and Salon Envy is truly the best place to get them.

Unlike traditional foils, balayage highlights allow for more creativity, leading to endless unique looks. No longer is your stylist limited to creating exact recreations of hairstyles. Now he or she has the ability to design more natural looks and even use it for more creative colors.

Perhaps this is why balayage highlights in Chicago are so popular. They truly are taking the hair industry by storm. It’s hard to beat their versatility and more natural appearance.

If you’re looking to jump onto this hot new trend, then you’re in luck! Salon Envy offers the best balayage in Chicago. Whether you’re looking for full or partial coverage, Salon Envy is the place to go for gorgeous balayage highlights in Chicago. So stop in or call us today to book your hair transformation