Signature Facial 60 minutes $80
(The signature facial is designed to address individual needs using various exfoliators, enzymes, and luxurious moisturizers. Relax with steamer, and enjoy a facial).

Express Facial  $40
(When you’re on the go, 30 minutes skin nourishing treatment.) (No massage)

Skin Hydrating Facial  $100
(This luxurious facial is designed to nourish and balance dry skin. It is ultra-hydrating and includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, massage, and moisturizing)

Anti-Aging Facial  $100
(Designed to combat the signs of aging.  This facial is customized to your skin needs, whether its hydration, repairing skin damage, or fine lines.  High frequency light is included to stimulate and revitalize your skin)

Oily Skin Facial  $100
(This treatment is designed for oily congested and acne prone skin.  It combines powerful exfoliation with healing benefits, massage, followed by high frequency therapy.

Sensitive Skin Facial  $100
(Designed to calm and hydrate over sensitized skin using calming and hydrating botanical formulas, it will leave your skin glowing with a bright complexion.

Collagen Facial  $105
(This treatment helps to fight the aging process by working deep within the dermis layers, where collagen proteins can be found.  This treatment is designed to restore the depleted collage in your face and rejuvenate your skin)

Men’s Facial  $80
(Relaxing and nourishing treatment for your face.  This facial includes steaming, deep pore cleansing and massage.  This facial will revitalize your skin)

Peels  $85
Organic and chemical deep exfoliation of the skin.  Each 30 minute treatment includes cleansing, preparation, and application of the peel.  Finishing up with calming mask and nourishing moisturizer.