Bare Your Beauty With The Best Waxing Salon In Chicago

We understand the difficult decision you have in choosing your go-to waxing salon from hundreds of salons in Chicago. At Salon Envy, we want to make it easier than ever for you to choose us.

Our expert Estheticians are talented and passionate about tending to all of your skin care needs. We offer a full menu of professional body and facial waxing in an upscale and relaxing environment. Our passion is to provide you with the high quality, quick and efficient waxing service you’ve been searching for.

There’s a reason why we are trusted as one of the top level waxing salons in Chicago. Our highly-trained Estheticians specialize in both hard and soft wax hair removal with an entire line-up of varied waxing treatments that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

Why Salon Envy?

    • Salon Envy was voted the best Brazilian wax in Chicago
    • Refined techniques and high quality products
    • Effective hair removal
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • Gentle and effective waxing products
    • Modern and polished, relaxing environment
    • Friendly, professional and dedicated Estheticians

Sit back and relax as our Estheticians use their talent in effectively ridding you of any unwanted hair. Whether you want to get your eyebrows perfectly arched, or your bikini line beach ready, Salon Envy is here to cater to all of your hair removal needs. Client satisfaction is our number priority. We make sure that you leave our salon satisfied and smooth for days and weeks at a time. Try Salon Envy for your next wax, and your search for all your skin care needs will be over!