Chicago Fashion Vivids Hair Colors: Pravana Vivids, Pulp Riot, Wella Instamatics, Joico Color Intensity

Chicago Fashion Vivids Hair Colors:
Pravana Vivids.
Pulp Riot,
Wella Instamatics,
Joico Color Intensity

So you want pink, blue, purple, red, green, pastel hair color, neon hair color, unicorn hair color, or rainbow hair color???

The first step in doing any “fashion color” or “PRAVANA VIVIDS” hair color is a consultation. Here we can make sure we book the appropriate time for your hair color service and also have your dream hair colors available for you.

Next, your hair color appointment is broken up into 2 steps. The first step is to lightening the hair. The hair needs to be lifted to an appropriate color in order to be colored to a fashion color. This service takes anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes and up- depending on hair length, texture, and thickness.
The second step is to apply the fashion color. We currently carry Pravana Vivids, Pravana Pastels, Pravana Locked-in colors, and some variations of Pravana Neons. We also carry Pulp Riot color, Joico Color Intensity, and Wella Color Instamatics hair color. Depending on your dream hair color desires, we have you covered. These colors are color pigment that act as an overlay over the pre-lightened hair. These colors are semi-permanent, which means they do not last long. The best way to preserve your fashion colors are to NOT WASH them! That sounds crazy, right? Seriously though, dry shampoo will be your new best friend. Then when washing use cool water and the shampoo/or wash treatment recommended by your stylist. We love to send our clients home with pre-mixed, toning conditioner treatments that act as a at-home color booster. Ask your stylist at Salon Envy Chicago about these next time at your Fashion Color Hair appointment.

So you want the fashion hair color / pravana vivids hair color appointment cost?

We wish it was that easy because it would save a lot of time if we could just quote a price over the phone. It doesn’t work like that. The first step is scheduling a free consultation because of the nature of this hair color service, we have to meet in person to discuss wants, desires, time allotted for the appointment, then the cost of the fashion hair color service. The initial appointment when getting a fashion color is costly because of work involved to lighten and then to color. The fashion colors or pravana vivids colors can be reapplied in 2-3 weeks for a significantly lower maintenance fee.